Nutrition and Lifestyle Starter Package

Clean up your diet.
Restore comfort to your digestive system.
Feel more energy and enthusiasm for life.
Glow from the inside.

About this package

Good nutrition assists with many health conditions and can bring about enormous shifts in mental health too.

In our sessions, we go through your health history and take a look at your diet, working together to discover what habits are not serving you well and to find new ones that will help you reach your goals.

I will help you to find a healthy way of eating that fits your food philosophy, likes and dislikes, health needs, budget and time restrictions.

Your treatment plan will also include lifestyle strategies that will help you to feel more energy and ease in your body, and may also include supplements if they are beneficial for you at this time.

The Nutrition Starter Package includes:

90-minute introductory session
60-minute follow-up
Individually designed nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to follow over the coming months.
Extra resources such as recipes or meal plans, depending on your needs.

This will get you off to a great start in making changes to your health.

To help you meet your long-term goals, you may also choose the continued support of a 3-month Stay on Track Package.

Lisa Fabry

Joan Carpenter

The Farm for Wellbeing

Lisa's wealth of knowledge about nutrition, wellness and yummy food, mixed with her great sense of humour made her a pleasure to work with!


  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Starter Package
  • $295 AUD

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  • 1 x 90-minute initial consultation
  • 1 x 60-minute follow-up
  • Individual Treatment Plan
  • Extra resources eg recipes, meal planners