Yoga Therapy Vinyasa Krama Package

Bring peace into your everyday life.
Live your yoga on and off the mat.
Life-changing results - step by step.

About this package

Vinyasa Krama  means a step-by-step progression towards a goal.

Yoga is slow medicine, and regular, consistent practice over a period of time is the best way to achieve powerful, life-changing results.

Having a teacher by your side, to help you slowly and gradually increase your practice as you become more proficient, will help you to meet your goals.  

The Vinyasa Krama package includes three 60-minute sessions. 

Lisa Fabry


Professional Coach 

I was drawn to working with you because of your long and in-depth experience as a yoga practitioner, coupled with a holistic approach to this work. You were able to provide me with a tailored programme that met my needs exactly and which draws on the underlying philosophy of yoga which is important to me in developing my own yoga practice.

Course Pricing

  • Yoga Therapy Vinyasa Krama Package
  • $330 AUD

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  • 3 x 60-minute follow-ups
  • Email support